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Sugar is more or less ubiquitous in any foods we eat from the market. It is even an ingredient in products that we deem to be healthy, such as juices, cereals, packaged yogurt and fat-free products. We do need a certain amount of sugar every day, but more than six teaspoons would cause dangerous fluctuations in our general blood sugar. Diabetes, PCOS, and insulin resistance are just the beginning of a lifetime of problems as a result. Sugar substitutes can only take you so far. Health experts are now actually recommending not partaking of these sweeteners because of the harmful side effects they cause. Both these sweeteners and refined white sugar work to destroy our taste buds, reducing our ability to really experience different foods and flavors. In order to get your taste buds back on track, supplements like Marine D3 are of great use. Along with maintaining a proper diet, supplements like these are incredibly effective in dealing with and stabilizing blood sugar levels.



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