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Created by Ben Carter, a retired Aerospace Engineer, The Navajo Medicine Man Remedy (also known as the “Restore My Hearing Program” or “The Medicine Man Hearing Remedy That Will Reverse Your Hearing Loss”) is a new guide that contains step-by-step directions on how to permanently and naturally reverse hearing loss, so you can enjoy crystal clear hearing in as fast as several weeks. Ben Carter claims that the Navajo Medicine Man Remedy is suitable for all people suffering from hearing loss, whether it’s caused by old age, exposure to loud noises, or ear trauma. He says that this guide is based on clinical studies, theories, and Navajo Medicine Man’s traditional remedy for hearing loss. Ben explains that most people experience partial or complete hearing loss due to damaged hair cells, which are microscopic finger-like projections that line a small portion of the cochlea (spiral-shaped cavity) known as the organ of Corti, which relay sound to our brains. Due to external and internal factors – congenital anomalies, prolonged exposure to loud noises, normal aging process, and so on – these hair cells start to decrease in number or get damaged. Ben Carter says that the bad news is scientists haven’t found a way to regenerate hair cells (yet). However, the good news is that the existing ones can be repaired and strengthened, thus restoring normal hearing.


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