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This is essentially an eBook containing tons of secrete romantic phrases that author claim will spark crazy addictive and obsessive emotions in men who hear them. It is actually a sort of complete guidebook of phrases compiled for women looking for love and wants their men to be crazy about them. The author claims that the moment secret phrases leave a woman’s mouth and reach a man’s ears, a chemical process is triggered inside his brain that will make him wish, want and need the woman so intensely the will not be able to be interested in any other woman. The secret phrases will even make it possible for you to pick any guy of your choice, absolutely anyone. These include the man who currently hates you or even the one who has rejected you in the past. This could also be good news if you are struggling in your relationship or the relationship tends to be headed to a rocky place. The phrases also work on cold and unemotional husbands or boyfriends or even exes.


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