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Life is too short for you to spend it simple. Your health matters the most because you can live a life if you are in some state of good health. The better you are in the matter of health, the better your life can frame out to be. If health deteriorates then no good remains! For a man, the vital part of health is manhood. Simply, a man is a man if he owns some manhood. What remains of the man in some manly mode when the manhood is not in the manly state. That phrase was so tough to get, so think of what it would be like if you had the manhood malfunctioned?
Consider a simple and ecstatic situation that you could encounter. You and your beloved are in the room. There is an ecstatic scent that is arising from both your bodies. You are in full swing and the things are heating up quite quickly. There is no stopping you and it is all too maddened to be called love. Your hands are groping for each other and there is some furious love going on. Hands are going over the bodies and love is in the air. You are involved in the most tense tongue wrestle and your partner seems to be loving each moment. The hands then reach out to the business area and you are soft. Women like men soft-hearted not soft penile. The whole atmosphere disappears. As is someone just put a needle through a large air balloon and it deflates to nothing in a second.


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